Magical Cleansing and Protecting Pouch

This is a wonderful little spell in a bag, that you can carry around with you, and use whenever you feel like you need to cleanse the energy of others away from you. It’s ideal for when you are out and about.

This spell pouch can also be used to banish nightmares, by placing it underneath your pillow at night whilst you sleep, and would be equally beneficial if you were to keep it in your car, so that it banishes and cleanses any negative energy around you.

You Will Need:

  • One square piece of fabric (preferably black)
  • One piece of ribbon (preferably black, or white)
  • Sage Leaves (dried)
  • Black Obsidian, or Jet crystal stone (a small one)
  • Thyme Leaves (dried)
  • Rose Petals (dried)
  • Lavender Oil (for its calming effect)
  • Lavender buds (optional)
  • Candle (preferably black)
  • Matches
  • Candle Holder
  • Sage Oil

Instructions to make the magical pouch

Cast your circle and meditate, to get yourself into a relaxed and clear state of mind. Anoint your candle with the sage oil, add some of the dried sage and thyme leaves if desired.

Light the candle and visualise yourself feeling cleansed, pure, and protected. As the candle is burning allow the smoke to pass over the pouch material, ribbon and all of the contents, whilst chanting the following three times.

Cleanse my soul, I ask of thee,

Cleanse my soul of all negativity,

Energy, and wishes, thoughts and deeds.

Cleanse them all,

So mote it be.

And as you cleanse, protect my soul too,

Through day and night, and the morning dew,

Protect from harm and negativity,

Cleanse it now, and leave only purity,

It is done.

When you have chanted three times, and you have passed all contents through the smoke, blow out the candle and place the contents of the bag, onto the material and draw up into a pouch, securing with the ribbon. Repeat this every day until the candle has burned down to enhance the power. Bury the candles wax in some soil when it has burned down. Keep your magical cleansing pouch with you at all times, and repeat the process whenever you feel that it needs a boost.


9 Ways to Cleanse Negativity


Negativity is a pain in the neck and every-time you try to accomplish something, negativity might block you. That’s why I decided today to share this short but insightful article published by The Alchemist. Original source:

You must be wondering, there should be a way to cleanse negativity. Of course there is. 9 to be exact (if not more). Here we are going to present you easy ways to banish and cleanse negativity.

Is negativity around?

The First question you have to answer is “does negativity surround me?”. Well to answer this we have to go one step back. Here you can find 10 Signs (and symptoms) when negativity is around. Have you answered yes in more than 5 (out of ten) questions? Then, it is time to make a change and try and see how your magic can help you rectify the issue.

And here is how to get rid of Negative Energy and Cleanse Negativity:

    1. Setting the intention to get rid of all this negativity is step one. The stronger your will, the stronger your magic.
    2. Forgiveness. Simple acts of letting go and forgiving our selves and others have extremely healing properties. All we need to recognise is that everybody tries the best they know how and let things go.
    3. Using the power of water for its cleansing properties. Best solution is to prepare a hot bath, use some salt (or Epsom salts) and add essential oils of herbs with cleansing and healing properties such as eucalyptus, achillea, sage, myrrh and peppermint. Please remember to dilute and do not apply directly on your skin. Dive in and soak your body. Feel the cleansing properties of water removing all the debris from your body and aura and take deep breaths to allow the aroma of the oils replenish you.
    4. Ask assistance from your Deities, the Universe and any higher forces that you work with. The first step is to recognise that you need help, put your pride aside and ask for it. When you ask they will listen.
    5. Carry crystals which ground negativity and have protective properties such as onyx, obsidian, black tourmaline or tiger’s eye. Remember to cleanse them every so often as they all have storing capacities.
    6. Time for a good house cleansing.
    7. Cast a purification and cleansing spell.
    8. Cast a protection spell.
    9. Use the upcoming ritual of the chalice and the athame

Always remember to take baby steps and keep going, asking for help is not a sign of weakness and whatever the situation you are stronger than you think and you can always surpass your expectations.

Wicca Basics and the 3 C’s: Cleansing, Consecrating and Charging


This informative article by Mackenzie Sage Wright shows in detail what are “the 3 C’s” and how you can clean, consecrate and charge your tools, ingredients and sacred places. I’ve personally been doing a very similar process for many years. Original Source:

Cleansing, Consecrating & Charging

I call them the “3 C’s”. A lot of books will tell you to do one, two or all three of them to your tools, altar, spell components, herbs, crystals, jewelry… the list goes on.

But have you ever given good thought to what each of them mean? When these terms are new to you and all the books you read are throwing them at you, things can get a little muddy. As usually, I invite you to grab yourself a cup of tea and sit with me a while so we can break it down to the basics. Let’s take a look at the meaning of each of the C’s, the purpose for the process, and how it’s done.

The Basic Building Blocks of Wicca


To cleanse an object is just as the word implies—you are cleaning it. The difference is, you’re not cleaning it on a physical level (though you can certainly do that first). What you’re attempting to do is ‘clean’ it on a spiritual level—on an energy level.

Cleansing disassociates items with their past vibrations. Sitting in a factory or store, people handling it, being transported, sitting on a shelf in your room gathering dust—items pick up various bits of energy. You want to wipe the vibrational slate clean to attune it with your own energies, or those conducive to your goal.

There are several ways to cleanse an object:

  • Burn a cleansing incense like sage, and run the object through the smoke
  • Bury it in the earth for a while, or in a bowl of salt/dirt/cornmeal
  • Soak it in salt water, or sprinkle/spray it
  • Hold it for a while under running water
  • Wave it over a candle flame, or actually put it into the fire
  • Sweep away negativity with a besom (blessed broom)

Be practical about it— you don’t want to soak metal in salt water overnight or you’ll rust it; you don’t want to put a fabric pouch of herbs anywhere near fire. Use your judgment. But it’s a good practice to get into to cleanse new things before using them for spiritual purposes, or to occasionally cleanse things like your jewelry, crystals, divination or altar tools, especially if they’ve been used a lot, or sitting unused for a while.

The 1st C: Cleansing

Cleanse an object


Consecrating an object is to make it sacred through some minor rite or act of blessing. I only do it to my main ritual tools used in the circle. For almost everything else, just cleansing is enough. Some ways to consecrate an item include:

  • simply say a prayer over it and dedicate the use of the tool to your Gods
  • If you keep oils that are cleansed, charged and consecrated, you can anoint an object with those oils and blessing symbols.
  • If you work a lot with the four elements you may wish to consecrate it by Air, Earth, Fire and Water in ritual: run it through incense smoke, sprinkle some salt on it, pass it over a fire flame and sprinkle some water on it.

You can consecrate anything—you can consecrate all your tools, your jewelry, even the ground on which you hold your rituals, but do remember this: once consecrated, the item is sacred, and should be treated as such.

The 3rd C: Charge It

Charging an object.


Charging something is empowering it with energy. You might just imbue it with positive energy, or charge it so its energies are aligned with some specific purpose. For example, in candle magic, I always charge the candle to align it with the purpose of the spell.

Charging requires raising a bit of energy and directing it into the object. Once again, the method you choose can largely depend on your preferences or on the item you’re charging.

  • Rub candles with oil repeatedly
  • Dance, chant, meditate, etc. to raise power then pour that energy in
  • Put the object out under the sun all day to charge it with solar power*
  • Put the object out under the full moon all night to charge it with lunar power*
  • Use the energy you have accumulated in your tools**
  • Lay the item on a healthy crystal for a day or a few days so it will absorb energy

Like consecrating, charging isn’t always necessary. For example, I wouldn’t charge all my jewelry just because I’m wearing it; most I would just cleanse. If I primarily use a piece for ritual, I’d cleanse and consecrate it. If I wanted to use it as an amulet or talisman, I’d charge it.

*The sun, moon and crystals can both cleanse and charge the item at once.

**When you finish a ritual and draw up the circle, ground, etc., it’s a good idea to pour most of that residual energy into your tools—your athame, your pentacle, wand and such. This keeps them charged and ready to use, and empowers them enough so that they can charge other items.

Here is a Way to Charge Crystals With Sound

Putting it in a Nutshell

Cleansing =
spiritual purification
Consecrating =
to dedicate as sacred
Charging =
imbue with power

Go Forth to Cleanse, Consecrate and Charge your Heart Out

When and why you may use one, two or all three C’s is up to you. But it’s good to know about them, the difference, and how to do it. You’ll find that when all the energies are aligned and operating in harmony, particularly in ritual, it can really enhance the experience.

Cleansing your Aura


Our auras can absorb negative energies depending on the personal circumstances that we find ourselves in. We can pick up negative energies from situations and also from the people around us. So cleansing our auras are a must if using magick.

Hot Bath

Have a hot bath with 3 tablespoons of sea salt or ½ cup of baking soda. As you relax in the bath, imagine the water is penetrating all the layers of your aura, drawing out all the negativity and leaving it bright and cleansed.

Hot Shower

As the water washes down over your body, imagine the negative energy in your aura being washed and drained away. You should start to feel the brightness as the aura begins its cleansing.

Walking in the Rain (my favorite)

As in the shower, walking in the rain and imagining the negative energy in your aura being washed away brings wonderful results.

Smudging the aura

Use a smudge stick around your aura. If you can ask someone to do this for you it is more beneficial as they can walk completely around you. Smudging is an ancient native American tradition which involves the burning of a sage or sweetgrass wand. Many cultures now use this method. The idea is that the smoke draws out the negative energy, and as the smoke clears it takes away the negativity and neutralizes and purifies the aura.

Brushing the aura

White feathers can also be used to brush the aura in a similar way to the smudge stick. This can easily be done by flicking the feather all around your body in outward motions to brush away the negativity. The fingers can also be used in the same way, rather like a comb, brushing away the negative into the atmosphere. Imagine that all the little bits of negativity that you are brushing away is being swept into a container of any kind. When the container is full, imagine it going deep into outer space and emptied. This will then be neutralized within that time frame.

Positive breathing

Deep breathing is another good way of cleansing the aura. Choose a nice quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Seat yourself comfortably. Take deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. After a couple of minutes of deep breathing, imagine that you have a ball of pure white light above your head. Imagine this light becomes brighter, and you may even start to see gold within the light. Imagine this light growing larger and brighter and then bring it down slowly towards your head, allowing it to penetrate the aura and feeling the brightness and lightness of this beautiful light as it works its way down your body. You may feel a little light headed as the light moves through your body. This is normal and it will pass.

Envision the light as it continues to move down your body and through the soles of your feet. Imagine then that you have roots beneath your feet and the negative energy is flowing down through these roots deep into the earth. The energy that has been drawn away will then be neutralized in mother earth.

Now imagine the roots turn bright white, they may even sparkle with flecks of silver and gold. This is the pure clean energy you now imagine as it moves back up through the roots, up through the soles of your feet and into every part of your body, radiating outwards so that your whole aura is filled with this pure white light. When the light reaches the top of your head, allow it to move upwards into the material world.

You should now feel totally revitalized. All the negativity in your energy field is sucked up as the light moves over your aura.