Witch Bell: The Essential Guide for Using Bells in Witchcraft


Witch bells have been used in witchcraft for millennia, they are among the most popular witchcraft and divination tools as a Wiccan witch and many other practitioners in pagan crafts. In this article, we’ll show you how to use bells in witchcraft and why are they important. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to use the comments section below.

What is a Witch Bell?

A witch bell is, well, just that: a bell that is used by a witch for rituals, spells, divination, or even as an altar symbol. Most experienced witches I know have a bell among their tools (usually more than one, actually, as each may have a different use or purpose).

Every Witch has their own personal use of the bell, it can be hung or carried as a guide to where they are going in the night, or as a means of communication with other witches. They are also widely used as a ritual tool.

How are Bells used in Witchcraft?

There are many ways witches use bells in witchcraft. In olden times, people used to believe that bells had magical powers. The use of bells as a form of protection against evil goes back centuries. From its earliest origins, the sound of the bell has been closely associated with divine power. The shape of the bell is symbolic of the female force and the celestial vault. Since bells can produce sound vibrations that possess magical and spiritual power, it has been used in many religious rites (not just Wicca and other forms of witchcraft, they’re even used in Catholic and other Christian ceremonies).

Here are some examples of how are bells used in witchcraft:

  • In folk magic, the ringing of bells drives away evil spirits, witches, and the Devil himself, and wards off the Evil Eye.
  • Bells are widely used for protection. They have been attached to doors, clothing, worn as amulets, tied to children, and hung from the necks of horses, camels, cows, asses, and other animals important to a community.
  • Clearing and charging crystals and other metaphysical items, as well as bells on the door, are said to bring good fortune into the home.
  • Invoking/vanishing/calling spirits. In Wicca, it is used for invoking the Wicca goddess.
  • Fairies love bells, so they can be used to please them and hopefully keep their mischief at bay.
  • Bells can be used to represent the element of Air or water in spells, rituals, and holiday ceremonies.
  • For energy cleansing, Witch Bells are popular among practitioners of witchcraft to ward off bad energy.

How to make a Witch Bell?

You can prepare your own witchcraft bells for spells casting, protection wards, or as a ceremonial piece, just make sure you set your intentions clear while doing it. It is believed that when a bell is cleansed and consecrated to be used as a magickal tool, it can help to purify everyone that is present when it rings. For this reason, you will often see it used today at the beginning or end of witchcraft and pagan rituals.

You can also go for different tones and varieties of a bell, but it is important to find the right tone to suit you. Many practitioners prefer a bell tone based on their intentions, some like its sound to be strong and clear while some believe it has to be softer or more haunting.

After all, there is no “set in stone” way of choosing your bells. Some witches may even say “your bell chooses you, not the other way around…”.

Some Witchcraft Bells Spells Examples

Home Protection Spell

The ringing of bells is said to ward off evil spirits.

What you’ll need:

  • A white candle
  • Protection incense
  • A bell (preferably made of iron)

STEP 1: On your altar or favorite divination area, light your white candle and protection incense and consecrate the bell. (i.e. run the bell through the smoke).

STEP 2: Hold the bell in front of your eyes and state the exact goal of the protection ritual 3 times. (i.e. what do you want to be protected from and why?)

STEP 3: Hang the bell on your home front door, you may nail it to the front-center of your door or hang it from the doorknob. Leave the white candle on until it shuts off on its own.

STEP 4: If bad energy/bad spirits come to bother your home, the bell will ring to warn you and drive the evil/negativity away.

Friendship Healing Knot Bell Spell

This healing spell will help mend any friendship that has a current issue or rift. It may also help to heal a friendship between two people who have grown apart.


  • 2 pieces of long multi-colored string
  • Scissors
  • 6 small bells (with small hooks at the top so they can be hung)
  • 2 pink tea light candles (may be replaced with white candles)
  • 2 photographs: one of each party in the relationship
  • Tape

Cleanse your altar/divination area and your tools. Thread both pieces of string through the first bell, then tie a knot at the top to secure the bell.

Repeat this for all 6 of the bells, spacing them out down the string.

Place the tea light candles on your divination area and light them, placing both pictures beside them. Jingle your string of bells 3 times, and with each jingle repeat:

With these bells, I banish all hate,

With each ring, I let go and forgive,

With these pictures, I bring us together.

~Friendship healing Knot Bell Spell


Witches Bells are widely used in witchcraft, and they are among the most used and versatile witchcraft tools. They have been used for ages and can be used for many tasks like divination spell casting, protection, spirit invoking/banishing, among many other uses.

How do you use your witch bells? Let us know in the comments section below. Blessed be!