[SPELL] Protection from Negativity


This is white magic spell that will protect you from negative people and negative energies. Whether jealousy, gossip or even sorcery, this spell will shield you from negative forces around you.


  • One photo of yourself
  • 4 Blue candles and one white candle
  • Essential oil for your astrological sign
  • Sage incense for purification
  • 3 acacia leaves
  • 3 black tourmaline stones


Casting the spell

⊕ Purify yourself by washing your hands in a bowl of water with a drop of your essential oil. If you do not have the correct essential oil, salt water will also work.

⊕ Prepare your circle by placing one blue candle at each of the four cardinal points

⊕ Place the white candle in front of you

⊕ Place the incense to the left of the white candle and the tourmaline stones to the right

⊕ Place your photo in front of the candle

⊕ Cast the circle and light the incense

⊕ Pass your photo over the incense three times and envision the purification of you and all of the energies surrounding you

⊕ Take the acacia leaves and black tourmaline in your hands and recite the following incantation five times:

“I invoke thee Aradia, Goddess of protection and healing. Protect me and keep me safe, now and forever. I thank you, and release you.”

⊕ Visualize a circle or bubble of white light forming around you. Send your love, healing and protection energies into that light to make it grow to its fullest strength.

⊕ Ground your energies and extinguish the candles and close the circle, but allow the incense to burn to completion.


Source: psychicguild.com


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