Lift a Curse Bath Spell


While the concept of “curses” has been thoroughly stereotyped by movies and books, they do exist. Just don’t assume that every run of bad luck means that someone has cursed you. Even free Wiccan spells can’t fix everything.

• 12 white candles
• 1 black candle
• 1 cup of sea salt
• 1 tbs white sage
• 1 tbs lavender
• 1 tbs chamomile

The amounts don’t have to be exact. You’re not baking a cake here. Make sure you have white sage, not the green kind in your kitchen.

On the night after the full moon, make a circle of the 12 candles on your altar and place the black one in the center. Run yourself a hot bath, adding the salt and herbs. You can use a little cheesecloth bag for the herbs, if you don’t want them floating loose in the water. Go light the candles, then sit by the tub and say the words of the spell:

By the light of moon’s wane
Cleanse my soul of this stain
Let the spell be reverse
Lift away this dark curse
As I enter sacred space
Return my soul to grace

Get into the bath, and cup some water in your hands. Pour it over your head 3 times. Repeat the following each time:

I forgive what was done
Let the spell be undone

Then just relax in the tub until the water is cool. Snuff out the candles for the night. For the next couple of nights, relight all the candles and repeat the second part of the spell words. Let the candles burn for at least an hour, and then snuff out again. Do this until the black candle has burned all the way down. By then, you should feel the curse lifted from your life.




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