[HOWTO] Basic Design Steps for Wiccan Ritual


For Wiccans, ritual is a ceremony performed for a specific purpose such as feeling a connection to Deity, and the essence of Wicca. During ritual, Wiccans honor or worship the Divine, many work magic, and participants search their hearts and spirits letting the ritual evolve naturally.

The following list shows the basic steps for a practicing a Wiccan ritual:

  1. Decide why you want to conduct a ritual. Make sure that your intention is clear.

  2. Decide how you want to perform your ritual; write the words that you want to use during the invocation and the other steps.

  3. Decide when to do the ritual; for example, you may want to time your ritual to a specific phase of the Moon or to a Wiccan holiday.

  4. Decide where to do the ritual, set up an altar, and assemble the tools and other necessary objects.

  5. Purify the space.

  6. Purify yourself.

  7. Cast a circle to create sacred space.

  8. Invoke, evoke, or welcome Deity, according to your beliefs.

  9. Conduct a ritual observance (for example, celebrate a Sabbat or an Esbat), if you desire.

  10. Raise power and work magic, if you have a good reason.

  11. Earth the power.

  12. Thank (or dismiss) Deity.

  13. Take down the circle.

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Source: dummies.com


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