• Witch Bell: The Essential Guide for Using Bells in Witchcraft

    Witch bells have been used in witchcraft for millennia, they are among the most popular witchcraft and divination tools as a Wiccan witch and many other practitioners in pagan crafts. In this article, we’ll show you how to use bells… Continue Reading

  • Dianic Wicca History, Rituals, and Beliefs

    A question we’ve been getting frequently from our Wiccan community is about Dianic-Wicca meaning and Dianic tradition. This Wicca religion female-centered movement has been around for 5 decades or so, and it’s been influential to Wiccan tradition as a whole.… Continue Reading

  • How to Discover Your Inner Wiccan

    If you’re reading this article because you feel a connection to nature and are interested in learning more about Wicca, then you’ve come to the right place. Modern Wicca is a religion that consists of witchcraft and the worship of… Continue Reading

  • Mirror Magick For Beginner Witches

    As a witch, there are many tools you can use for spells and rituals. A not-so-common but still very effective tool of the craft is a mirror. In this article Emma Kyteler from Eclectic Witchcraft tells us about mirror magick.… Continue Reading

  • 10 Strong Wiccan Protection Spells Against Negative Energy

    One of the most commonly used wiccan spells are protection spells. They’re also particularly good for beginners, since they tend to be simple and pretty harmless. In this article, Emmie Collins from Panda Gossips shares 10 simple but powerful wiccan… Continue Reading

  • 5 Wiccan Tips to Manifest Whatever you Want

    Along our wiccan path, especially during our first steps, we’ll always need help and direction. Although it is important to believe in your own thoughts and feelings, there is nothing wrong (and it’s actually recommended) to look for help and… Continue Reading

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